• Ideas for Making Money with Your Greenhouse



    A home greenhouse is a great investment and your hobby can easily be turned into a business. My family grew tomato seedlings in the spring and sold them to gardeners in town, often after my dad spent many winter hours experimenting with different varieties for our climate.

    Today, of course, we have a resurgent interest in buying local, so you, too may have neighbors or other folks in your community looking to buy from you.

    Here are some additional ideas and information to consider when working to make money with your greenhouse, and examples of where you might find places to sell extra plants for income.


    The easiest way to begin selling your plants or produce is to make them part of your yard or garage sale. You could also have a sale exclusively featuring plants and produce. Be sure to place an ad in popular places where shoppers look for deals. You could also open up your greenhouse and let customers choose from here. How convenient!


    Flea markets can often be a good first starting place to sells seedlings or plants because you do not need large amounts of products and booth rents are usually reasonable.

    Flea market vendors generally are quite informal in displaying goods, but do consider creating an attractive space to draw buyers who are looking at wide variety of items. Don't forget a cash box with appropriate change for the prices on your items. (Be sure to watch it at all times).  See recommendations for farmers markets booth, below, for more ideals on displaying your greenhouse produce.




    As you know, farmers markets have been steadily growing in popularity around the United States, and if you have enough product to entice customers into your booth, you can make some extra cash. You do need to cover any costs associated with renting booth space, and booth equipment. You may also inquire about sharing a booth with another small grower when first beginning.

    Some things to think about when displaying at the farmers market booth:

    • Make signs for each product which include name and price.
    • Put as many products out as possible for your space, and shade the extras. Customers like choice.
    • Make an attractive display by placing products in blocks of color.


    Nothing evokes the feeling of country fresh tradition than the roadside stand, and if you have an appropriate space, that may be a good option for selling things from your greenhouse.

    Here are some important considerations for your roadside stand:

    • Check whether you have any local ordinances or health department regulations regarding stands. In America, you do not have to ask permission for anything that does not have an existing rule of law, nor should you bring extra attention to your business if it does not have existing regulation.
    • When preparing signage, check for rules regarding road signs. Be sure to place your sign in a location where approaching customers have time to make a decision and exit the roadway safely.
    • Place your roadside stand where passing motorists have good visibility, and where they can easily park.
    • Like farmers markets, create an attractive, organized and colorful display.
    • Consider payment systems. Roadside stands often use the Honor System, but you may have to make other arrangements if that is not reasonable in your area. Often honor system boxes are quite heavy or bolted down.


    Health food stores love local food suppliers and are a great place to sell your herbs, fruits, vegetables and cut flowers. You can sell your items as ready-to-eat or to grow in pots and containers.
    Having a greenhouse is a great benefit because you can provide fruits or vegetables that would typically be out of season, which will help you get a maximum price for your items. Of course, for this market you must be able to offer a consistent service and delivery on a regular basis.


    Local restaurants are also a great place to sell your herbs, fruits and vegetables. In this case, as well, having a home greenhouse is important so you can provide produce out of season. If you want to sell to local restaurants, you will need to talk with the owners and chefs. You will also need to be extremely consistent and able to deliver the right quantity of the right quality at the right time.



    Florists shops are a possibility for selling your plants and cut flowers. Florists are usually premium product sellers and your profit from this type of sale could be very good. You should pot your plants into pretty containers, and be sure your plants are off the highest quality and health.

    Florists may take your plants and flowers on consignment, which would give you the opportunity to plan for year around and seasonal sales opportunities.


    Having year around plants also means the opportunity to sell seeds from your vegetables. There are online trading sites, as well as chances to sell via local stores. Do check for any restrictions on seed sales in your state. Some invasive species are disallowed.

    And these ideas are just a start for where you can sell your plants. You can see how a greenhouse is more than just a place for your empty boxes or garden hoses, and a possible source of cash, or even a new business!

    MC Greenhouses has more than 200 greenhouses, accessories and packages to meet your needs. Before you leave, have a look around, and don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.







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