Best quality redwood frame greenhouses can be found here at MCgreenhouses at best price. Redwood is resistant to weather, insects and decay. It is long lasting and does not require special treatment. It also allows the greenhouse to breath. The insulation effect comes from the sun heating the polycarbonate and tempered plate glass panels.
High quality backyard greenhouses, great for winter months when you want to enjoy your summer fruit and vegetables. Available in Standard model with 6 mm double wall that has an air space acting as insulation.

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  Our top of the line greenhouses are ideal for hobby gardeners, schools and professional farmers. Our vertical wall design gives up to 30% more growing space above the benches than slope sided or dome shapes. Almost every commercial greenhouse has vertical side walls.  

Our Freestanding and Lean-to Greenhouses are ideal for hobby gardeners, schools and professional farmers.


Our Aluminum and Wood frame Greenhouses are long lasting, offer the best insulation and are great for cold weather indoor gardening all year long. You can enjoy your out of season fruit and vegetables year round.

  The Brighton aluminum frame greenhouses are extremely easy to assemble. These Greenhouse Kits come with all parts factory cut to size and clear instructions for easy and quick assembly.
  Educational greenhouses are great for all school and research projects. Santa Barbara educational greenhouses are used in schools and universities throughout the United States, where quality and durability are required. Click on this picture to go to our School Greenhouses section.  

These Greenhouse Kits come with all parts factory cut to size and clear instructions for easy and quick assembly.

Our High End Greenhouses are all made in the USA* and you can choose from our kiln dried California Redwood models and our milled aluminum or bronze powdercoat finish models.

  These outstanding American greenhouses are great for hobby gardening or school projects. The Deluxe lean-to models are made of selected kiln dried redwood and tempered plate glass panels.


  High Quality Pet Supplies for sale - Dog Beds at MCgreenhouses
  High Quality Pet Supplies for sale - Cat Beds at MCgreenhouses  

Our Pet Supplies are carefully selected for their superior quality from the finest brands in the United States.

The Pet Products that we offer are what we would choose for our own Pets.



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Our commitment:


We are a small business and we do not have the overhead cost that other big companies have and for this reason we can offer lower prices.


We are dedicated and committed to provide High Quality Hobby, School, Commercial Greenhouses and Pet Supplies and we guarantee the best price on all of them.


We value customer service and we believe in treating our customers the same way that we would like to be treated. Having being many times customers ourselves, we do know first hand how important good customer service is.


We treasure your satisfaction as an old days brick and mortar family owned-shop and we love your feed-back.

  Santa Barbara greenhouses kits are shipped all over the United States of America. They are the perfect gift for the hobby gardener or for the health conscious individual.
Deluxe Greenhouse
  These wooden lean to hobby greenhouses are not only made of high quality material, but also if placed over a door or window, the heat from your home can be utilized to maintain growing temperatures throughout winter.
Standard Lean-to Greenhouse
  Aluminum hobby greenhouses, easy to assemble and great for cold winter gardening. This is all bolt construction with an 8 mm twin wall polycarbonate. Click on this picture to go to our Cold Weather Greenhouses section.
Montecito Greenhouse

Our goal:


Our goal is to lead you step by step from the greenhouse purchase and set-up, all the way to bringing your favorite fruit and vegetables to your table.  


Our website is purposely designed for the beginner, for those who approach greenhouses and gardening for the first time and are looking for education on the subject and do not know where to start from. It is also designed for the expert who is looking for a high quality greenhouse with the specific features of our redwood or aluminum frame greenhouses.

At you will find lots of helpful and interesting information on building your Greenhouse, winterizing your Greenhouse, growing your favorite fruit and vegetables, gardening tips of all kinds, including saving seeds etc. We have also included a helpful glossary to help you understand some words used on our website and WebPages loaded with information on specific topics, including School Greenhouses, Aluminum Greenhouses, Redwood Greenhouses, Cold Weather Greenhouses, Greenhouses Made in USA, Hot Weather Greenhouses, etc.

We provide lots of fun, easy and healthy Recipes using the very product of your indoor garden and we will help you maximize the potential of your Backyard Greenhouse growing space.

If your goal is to become as independent as possible from supermarkets and their products, MCgreenhouses helps you achieve just that! If you are looking for authentic Italian home made gourmet meals without spending lots of money on fancy and expensive restaurants that many times do not offer you something neither authentic nor healthy, we are committed to help you with that, as well!


Hobby Greenhouses are available in a variety of shapes. Some are more efficient than others. Our vertical wall design is the most useful and practical and provides maximum growing space and at the top where you need it, instead of slanted or curved walls. It gives up to 30% more growing space above the benches than slope sided or dome shapes. In fact, almost every commercial greenhouse has vertical side walls.


Our goal is to focus on bringing to our valuable customers Top of the Line Greenhouses, combined with lowest price and best service on our part. Top of the line means Easy to Assemble Greenhouses with outstanding design, best insulation to help your greenhouse perform at its best in cold winter and hot summer months, frames and panels completely made in USA with the finest materials combined with work ethics to bring American values and high standards into your backyard.

We also focus on providing the finest selection of High Quality Pet Accessories, to help ensure your Cats, Dogs, Small Pets etc. can enjoy comfort and safety when you are at home and also when you are away at work.

We know how much you care about your Pets and how providing them with Top Quality Care Products makes their life better.
  These hobby greenhouse kits come with a 4 mm double wall or a 6 mm double wall polycarbonate acting as insulation. This means greater ease of climate control and big savings in heating and cooling costs.
Standard Greenhouse
  School lean to greenhouses are ideal for easy access from the school into the greenhouse. Great for all school and research projects. The 8 mm double wall polycarbonate panels slip into channels creating three dead air spaces for a highly insulate frame. Click on this picture to go to our School Greenhouses section.
Montecito Lean-to Greenhouse
  Our Brighton Residential Greenhouses are the only Greenhousee featuring hybrid panel technology! This Aluminum Greenhouse combines both clear and opaque panels into the best of both worlds. This unique combination allows the perfect amount of sunlight to enter your greenhouse without harming your plants. This Greenhouse is ideal for Hot weather Climates.
Brighton Greenhouse


Benefits in owning a greenhouse:


With rising food cost and increased contamination by chemical sprays, your dollar savings will pay for your greenhouse many times over, while you guard your health with nutritious home grown fruit and vegetables.


You can enjoy having fresh fruit and vegetables all year long and save on your grocery bill. With the high quality greenhouses that we offer, you can grow plants you were not able to grow in your backyard garden in the winter months.


Owning a greenhouse means freedom from harsh weather extremes and year round production straight from your home garden. Various fruit and vegetables can be harvested from your greenhouse bringing variety to your table.
To read more about Benefits in owning a Home Greenhouse Click here to check out our information section about this topic.

  Our wooden lean to greenhouses are made with kiln dried California redwood. With a lean to greenhouse you will have easy access from your home into your indoor garden. Locate your greenhouse where it will receive the most sunlight possible November through January.
Deluxe Lean-to Greenhouse
  Brighton Greenhouses are some of the most affordable, durable, and easy to assembly Greenhouses on the market. The side walls feature crystal clear panels, that let in 90% of the suns light dunring the morning, and the roof features protective Twin Wall polycarbonate panels, which protect your plants from harmful direct sunlinght during mid-day.
Brighton Greenhouse
  Santa Barbara school greenhouses are a favorite throughout the US. They are long lasting and come in all sizes to fit the space and requirements that schools and universities have. Click on this picture to go to our School Greenhouses section.
Standard Greenhouse

* Except for our Brighton Greenhouses


High Quality Pet Supplies for your Cat, Dog and Small Pet

High Quality Dog Travel Supplies for sale - Pet Travel Harness at MCgreenhouses
High Quality Dog Travel  Supplies - Pet Travel Harness
  High Quality Pet Supplies for sale - Heated Cat Bowls - Cat Feeders and Waterers at MCgreenhouses
High Quality Cat Feeding and Watering Supplies - Pet Double Thermo Bowl
  High Quality Pet Supplies for sale - Ortho Puppy Sofa - Ortho Dog Bolster Sleeper at MCgreenhouses
High Quality Dog Beds - Ortho Puppy Sofa - Ortho Dog Bolster Sleeper
  High Quality Pet Supplies for sale - Outdoor Heated Cat and Dog Bed at MCgreenhouses
High Quality Cat and Dog Heated Beds - Outdoor Heated Cat and Dog Bed

Home, School & Commercial Greenhouses & Kits
Pet Supplies for sale at best price in College Station - Texas
All our Greenhouses are Ideal for Cold & Hot Weather



Santa Barbara redwood frame greenhouses are all clear California redwood lumber. The Deluxe model redwood greenhouses blend with most homes and eliminate the cold hard look of metal greenhouses.  Click on this picture to go to our Redwood Greenhouses Information section.
Deluxe Greenhouse
  These school freestanding greenhouses are used in schools and universities throughout the United States, where quality and durability are required. Heavy duty Insalume aluminum frame greenhouse entirely bolted together with 16 gauge steel plates. Click on this picture to go to our School Greenhouses section.
Montecito Greenhouse
Brighton Greenhouses are some of the most affordable, durable, and easy to use Hobby Greenhouses on the market. This rust-free aluminum and unbreakable polycarbonate panels, make Brighton Hobby Greenhouses the best value for the money. We offer Brighton Greenhouses at the best price on the market!
Brighton Greenhouse
  High Quality Commercial Greenhouses are ideal for small or large commercial and retail growing operations. Commercial Greenhouses are large greenhouses that can accommodate large growing operations or horticultural programs and research. Click on this picture to go to our Commercial Greenhouse Information section.
Deluxe Greenhouse
Our wooden greenhouses are the finest. Everything is cut to fit perfectly and all drilling is done in the USA. Click on this picture to go to our Greenhouses Made in USA Information section.
Deluxe Greenhouse
  These durable lean to greenhouses can fit into a narrow space, against your house or garage. If located against your house it will reduce heating costs.
Standard Lean-to Greenhouse

Click here for our Hot Weather Information section

Click here for our Cold Weather Information section

Click here for our Main Page to see all our Greenhouse Selections



Additional Information:

About MCgreenhouses: A brief introduction about this Greenhouse Business.

Greenhouse helpful tips: Helpful tips about Hobby Greenhouse gardening.

Greenhouse Planting and Growing Tips: Interesting and helpful greenhouse planting, growing and seed saving information.

Information on DYI Greenhouses: Basic information on how to build your own Backyard Greenhouse and how to care and maintain it.

School Greenhouse Information: School Greenhouses for Horticulture or Agriculture Educational Programs are one of our specialties. In this section we explain why a School should have a Greenhouse and its benefits.

Home Greenhouse Information: Why should I purchase a Greenhouse? All the answers to this question are here and lots of additional Information, including benefits in owning a Greenhouse.

Small Home Greenhouses: Our Brighton Small Home Greenhouses are some of the most affordable, durable and easy to assemble and use Greenhouses on the market.


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